Why kill Rat when you can just Repel them

Rat Repellent

Mikado’s Rat Repellent is an Odourless Treatment for Repelling the Rats away from your Homes, Offices, Restaurants Etc. The product comes in a Combi Pack of the Repellent Box and the Activating Solution, the Repellent has to be punctured on the + sign and pour 20 drops initially and 15 Drops of the activator every 15 days. The product is effective for a Period of 5-6 Months. The product is totally safe for Human use.

USP’s of Mikado’s Rat Repellent:

  1. Effective for a Period of 6 Months subjected to use as per Directives and Instructions
  2. Economically Priced
  3. Safe for Human Use
  4. Environment-Friendly
  5. Makes your Surroundings 100% Rats Free

Statutory Warning: Buyer assumes all risks for use not in accordance with instructions.