Why kill Rat when you can just Repel them

Rat Repellent

Mikado’s Rat Repellent is an Odourless Treatment for Repelling the Rats away from your Homes, Offices, Restaurants Etc.

Usage: The product comes in a Combi Pack of the Repellent Box and the Activating Solution, the Repellent has to be punctured on the + sign and pour 20 drops initially and 15 Drops of the activator every 15 days. The product is effective for a Period of upto 3 Months. The product is totally safe for Human use.

USP’s of Mikado’s Rat Repellent:

  1. Effective for a Period of upto 3 Months subjected to use as per Directives and Instructions
  2. Economically Priced
  3. Safe for Human Use
  4. Environment-Friendly
  5. Makes your Surroundings 100% Rats Free

Statutory Warning: Buyer assumes all risks for use not in accordance with instructions.