Perfect Glue Trap (Eco)

144.00 130.00

  • Glue Trap
  • Easy To Use
  • Non-Toxic

Description: Mikado’s Glue Trap is a Non-Poisonous product to trap the Rats, Flies, Lizards, Cockroaches etc. The product is made in India and made for India and across the Globe. We use the best quality glue making sure what comes in it stays on it. The Eco variant is ideal to be used for Small Rats and Rodent Bait Stations.

3 Packets of Mikado’s Perfect Glue Pad Based Rat Traps are safe environmental friendly, Safe for Pets, Humans, Non Poisonous, Non Odour, Environment Safe. Most useful in catching Rats and Mice for Home, Bakery, Restaurants, Offices, Food Processing Industry, Hospital, Warehouses, Malls, Multiplexes, etc. Made in India by Mikado Group. Always Read instructions for use and best performance.


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