Mikado’s Pulses Saver

Set Contents: Pack of 6

Description: Don’t buy Dry Fruits or Pulses in Quantity?? Scared of being eaten by Bruchides, Keeras or any Other insect. We have an Answer for you.

Mikado’s Pulses Saver is a Non-Poisonous, Non-Hazardous, 100% Safe Product. It keeps your Pulses, Dry Fruits, Cereals or any other Dry Product free from Attack of Bruchides , Keeras or any other thing for a complete year. It comes in a pack of 6 Tablets per pack each effective for months together after one use.

Product USP:

  1. Pack of 6 (Can be used in 6 Different Foods)
  2. Safe for Human Use no Covering Required
  3. Keeps you Free from Keeras and Bruchides for Complete Six Months.