Why kill Lizard when you can just Repel them

Lizard Repellent

Mikado’s Lizard Repellent is a Non-Poisonous, Non-Hazardous, Odorless Lizard Repelling Treatment. Every Pack consists of 5 Cubes every cube with a releasing tape on its back, to be applied on the Tubelight’s Choke, Bulb/CFL Holder as it needs a little heat for activation. Each effective for an Area of 10’x10′, with one application the Lizards are repelled for a period of at least 5-6 Months.


USP’s of Mikado’s Lizard Repellent:

  1. Effective for a Period of 6 Months subjected to use as per Directives and Instructions
  2. Economically Priced
  3. Safe for Human Use
  4. Environment-Friendly
  5. Makes your Surroundings 100% Lizard Free