Why kill the Fly when you can just trap it

Fly Catcher

Description: Mikado’s Fly Catcher is an Organic Fly Trapping System. You just have to add a Little water and Hang it outside at an approximate height of 7 Feet. One Fly Catcher has the capacity to trap 70-80,000 Flies. It Does NOT Require any Electricity any Maintenance. The Fly that has entered inside cannot go out, hence the Further Generation of the Flies are finished inside. Ideal for use at Hotels, Restaurants, Poultry Farms, homes, Green Houses, or any Place.

Product USP:

  1. No Electricity, No Maintenance
  2. Non-Poisonous, Odorless
  3. 100% Safe for Human Use
  4. Organic
  5. Economically Priced