Why kill Ant when you can just Repel them

Herbal Red Line (Ant Repellent)

Description: Mikado’s

Herbal Red Line (Ant Repellent) is ideal for repelling the Red Ants, Black Ants. It comes in a form of off-white colored chalk with which one just has to draw a line where there are movements of Ants, with one application it immediately repels the Ants away for a period of at least 3-4 days or till the line is drawn (Whichever is earlier). It is a Non-Poisonous Treatment.

Product USP:

  1. Far better than the Prevailing Ant Aways in the Traditional Market
  2. An Organic Formulation
  3. Economically Priced
  4. Ideal for Everyday use without any Precaution.
  5. 100% Result Oriented